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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are requesting information about a third party or information other than
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  1. Initial non-refundable search fee: $25.00. Your request will not be processed until the fees
  2. Additional Fees: In addition to the initial search fee, if the time and costs involved in locating and supplying the requested information is estimated to exceed $150.00, then the ASC may charge additional fees. The ASC will provide you with an estimate prior to charging those costs. The ASC is entitled to charge the following fees: (a) searching, locating and retrieving a record: $27.00 per hour; and
    (b) photocopies: $0.50 per page.
  3. All fees are not refundable. The use of your credit card number for online payment of any fees indicates your acceptance of and compliance with all payment terms and conditions of TD Merchant Services.