COVID-19: Operations continue at the ASC

The ASC is committed to delivering on our mandate to foster a fair and efficient capital market and protect investors. We are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, following the protocols outlined by local authorities and committed to the health and welfare of our employees and our community.

The ASC continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the capital markets, in conjunction with our colleagues across the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). Our team remains focused on supporting market participants, protecting investors and assisting the public. Information about regulatory or other updates related to COVID-19 will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.

To conduct our business with as little disruption as possible, while ensuring the safety of our employees and those with whom we have contact, we have taken the following measures:

  • Other than critical staff, our employees are working remotely and we continue to deliver all our services. 
  • Our virtual reception remains open at (403) 297-6454, however our physical reception is closed to the public.
  • All business travel has been cancelled or postponed and employees are strongly encouraged not to travel for personal purposes. 
  • All events or large gatherings have been cancelled. Hearings are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

On March 23, 2020, the ASC and our colleagues in the Canadian Securities Administrators published temporary blanket relief for market participants from certain regulatory filings, as a result of COVID-19. More information about this blanket relief, including who to call if you have questions, is available here and below.

All organizations and individuals sharing documents with us are encouraged to provide them electronically via email, so we are able to process them while working remotely. The appropriate email addresses and phone numbers are listed here. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions.

Our inquiries line, complaints system and Office of the Whistleblower remain operational. However, there may be some minor delays in answering your call. Please leave a message, your call will be returned in a timely fashion. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us


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