File a Complaint

Documents and Sources

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Please upload any documents you may have that are related to your complaint. Documents to consider include:

  • Correspondence to/from the company or individual(s), whether in paper or electronic form (email)
  • Account statements
  • Account applications
  • Subscription forms
  • Advertising, promotional or sales materials
  • Signed forms
  • Cancelled cheques
  • Screenshots of company webpages

If you want to collect documents and come back to upload them, please save your progress prior to exiting your account.

It is not recommended to upload documents using your mobile device.

If you have any information that is not an electronic file format, please mail documents to:

Alberta Securities Commission
Attn: Enforcement, Complaints
600, 250-5th Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 0R4

Please provide us with any information sources you may know of that could be relevant to your complaint.

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