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If you believe you have a whistleblower tip, visit the Office of the Whistleblower.


If you have serious concerns about how your investments or securities have been handled, a company you have invested in, or you believe a company or individual has breached securities law, you can make a formal complaint with the ASC.

If you have a complaint about:

What the ASC can and cannot do:

In enforcing Alberta securities laws, the ASC is empowered to take certain actions to protect investors and the integrity of Alberta's capital market.

The ASC can:

  • Answer general questions about investment products and services.
  • Tell you if a firm or individual is registered to sell securities.
  • Tell you if a firm or individual has been sanctioned by ASC.
  • Suggest options for pursuing your complaint and direct you to the most appropriate agency.
  • Investigate or follow-up on complaints with regards to Alberta's securities laws.
  • Enforce compliance with securities rules and laws.
  • Impose fines known as “administrative penalties” of up to $1 million per contravention of the Securities Act (Alberta), freeze assets and ban from the market those who breach the Act.
  • Act against market misconduct.
  • Stop businesses or individuals from trading securities during an investigation.
  • Stop the trading in securities of a business if it fails to file information required under the Act.
  • Pursue offenders in Provincial Court as an agent of the Crown, with the power to seek jail terms of up to five years less a day and fines of up to $5 million.

The ASC cannot:

  • Provide updates on the review process.
  • Get investor money back.
  • Provide investment or legal advice.
  • Comment on an investigation.

If you have lost money

The ASC does not order restitution to get investors' money back for them - that would have to be done via the courts. If you have lost money due to a violation of securities law, you should obtain legal advice to determine what options - such as the civil courts - are available to you.

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